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  • Published: 2016-06-23T14:08:36+00:00
  • Duration: 122
  • By The Mill

The Mill has created The Mill BLACKBIRD, the first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars – it’s a car rig that can be shot at any time, in any location, without the need to rely on a physical car. Created in collaboration with JemFX, Performance Filmworks and Keslow, Mill Blackbird inspires and expands creative opportunities, offering a truly flexible production tool without sacrificing any quality or direction. Learn more: Follow @Millchannel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for more updates. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

2. Mill Touch 'Behind the Scenes'

  • Published: 2011-08-15T11:06:50+00:00
  • Duration: 205
  • By The Mill
Mill Touch 'Behind the Scenes'

A Behind the Scenes look at Mill Touch: An interactive multi-touch, smart glass display showcasing The Mill's body of work located in Mill NY's studio.

3. The Mill's logo animation

The Mill's logo animation

2D logo animation that I've done for The Mill, picturing The Mill's London building. With the great help of Kwok Fung Lam in compositing. Hope you like it!

4. Through the mill

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  • Duration: 358
  • By chris akrigg
Through the mill

Well that was hard work!

5. The Mill VFX Reel

  • Published: 2015-12-03T16:53:01+00:00
  • Duration: 159
  • By The Mill
The Mill VFX Reel

Music: Diamond Child by Aayushi & Dillistone (MUTO Remix) Editor: Luke Kraman Featured Projects: 0:01 Honda - Ignition 0:05 Under Armour – Rule Yourself 0:10 Evolve – Ready or Not 0:14 DirecTV – Landing 0:17 Interface – Beautiful Thinking 0:18 Intel/Tag Heuer – Connected 0:21 Lincoln – Blink 0:23 Audi – Birth 0:25 BFI – Film is Fragile 0:26 Dos Equis – Masquerade 0:28 Mythology 0:30 Tame Impala – Let It Happen 0:34 Gatorade – Fierce 0:36 Adidas – Create Your Own Game 0:38 Nike – Winner Stays 0:39 Nike – Hypervenom: Mirrors ft Neymar Jr. 0:43 Vue Cinemas Ident 0:44 Coca-Cola – Download Happiness 0:45 Comcast Xfinity – X1 Hero 0:48 Nike Golf – Ripple 0:51 Belvedere – Bond’s Martini 0:53 SSE – Pier 0:55 Angry Birds 2 – Launch Film 0:57 Off! – Moose 0:58 TNT Energy Drink – Rhino 0:59 Dr. Pepper – Hermit Crab 1:00 Dodge – Ballroom 1:03 Under Armour – Rule Yourself: Tom Brady 1:05 Fashion Film – 5 elements 1:06 Adidas – Battlepack 1:08 Gap – Golf 1:09 Ataxia – Ataxia Unfeeling 1:10 Wild Belle – Giving Up On You 1:11 BT Sport – A New Home 1:13 Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase – Nightshift 1:14 Beyonce fr. Drake – Mine 1:16 Ben Pearce – What I Might Do 1:18 – Dance 1:19 Lexus – Swarm 1:21 Microsoft – Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta 1:23 Titanfall – Life is Better With a Titan 1:25 Game of War – Rooftop Alliance 1:27 Game of War – Unite the World 1:29 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – The Engineer 1:30 Voya – Origami Squirrel 1:32 Coca-Cola – Torch Bear 1:34 Kohl’s – Holiday Magic 1:35 Gillette – Bond Moments 1:40 NRG – Photon 1:46 Dior – Addict Lipstick 1:49 Google Spotlight Stories – Help 1:50 DOOM – Teaser 1:53 Texas Lottery – A Million Stories 1:54 OFFF Porto Main Titles 2015 1:56 Vue Cinemas Ident 1:59 D&AD 2014 Title Sequence 2:02 Old Spice – And So It Begins 2:04 Budweiser – Lost Dog 2:05 Old Spice – Stairs 2:06 Snickers – Brady Bunch 2:07 Old Spice – Dadsong 2:08 TurboTax – Boston Tea Party 2:10 Geico – Fisherman 2:13 Corona – Journey 2:14 Fiber One – Don’t Fight Your Instincts 2:15 Blue Cross – Survive 2:16 Hay Day – Take a Load off 2:17 DirecTV – Pretty 2:18 Sony PlayStation Vue – Wouldn’t You 2:20 Jaguar XE 2:21 Honda Civic Type R – The Other Side 2:22 Dodge – John vs Horace 2:23 DFT – Transparent 2:24 OHSU – One Down: Make Cancer the Victim 2:25 NRG – Photon 2:27 Jack Daniel’s – The Flame 2:29 Old Spice – Lid

6. The Mill Design Reel

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  • Duration: 108
  • By The Mill
The Mill Design Reel

Learn more about all the projects featured in our Mill Design Reel Breakdown: Music: “Illusion of Seclusion” Photay (Performer), Evan Shornstein (Writer) 00:01 OFFF By Night 2016 Titles 00:05 Playgrounds Festival 2014 Titles 00:10 OFFF By Night 2016 Titles 00:15 Carl F. Bucherer “Made of Lucerne” 00:17 The Huntsman: Winter's War – Closing Titles 00:18 YDA 2013 Titles 00:21 Once Upon A Dead Man – Threads 00:23 YDA 2014 Titles 00:26 BFI – Film is Fragile 00:30 SXSW 2016 | 1+2= Blue: Science of Colour in Film 00:32 Vue Cinemas 00:36 Playgrounds Festival 2014 Titles 00:38 Tag Heuer/Intel - Connected 00:41 Azel Phara – Green 00:45 Prada – Prada Raw Avenue 00:45 Sickos Titles 00:48 F5 Festival - Best of Motionographer 2015 Titles 00:50 Annie Mac Tour Visuals 00:51 Motion Poems – Wayne the Stegosaurus 00:54 Ciclope Festival 2011 Titles - 00:54 D&AD 2014 Titles 00:54 Playgrounds Festival 2014 Titles 00:54 Motion Poems – Wayne the Stegosaurus 00:54 Reebok – Kaleidoscope 00:54 Offset London 2015 Titles 00:54 OFFF Porto 2015 Titles 00:54 Dairy Queen – Clap You Feet America! 00:55 Tag Heuer / Intel - Connected 00:57 YDA 2013 Titles 00:59 Toyota – Lemonade 01:00 Google Play – Take That 01:00 Fableists – Epic Thread 01:03 Rihanna – Sledgehammer 01:05 D&AD 2016 Title Sequence 01:06 Reebok – Kaleidoscope 01:07 Marco Polo Titles 01:13 Philip Stein – Technology 01:15 The Guardian - Ready, Steady, Go! The Science Behind A 100m Sprint 01:18 Hap & Leonard - Season 1 Title Sequence 01:19 Adidas – Lionel Messi 01:21 Fearless Titles 01:23 D&AD 2015 Titles 01:24 Fireflies West – Journey to Hope 01:25 Optum – Pursuit of Healthier 01:26 OFFF St. Petersburg Titles – Skazka 01:28 We are Shining -Wheel 01:29 Red Bull Music Academy – A Night of Spiritual Jazz 01:30 OFFF Porto 2015 Titles 01:31 McDonald’s – Magic Box 01:32 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Prologue 01:35 Rimowa – F13 01:37 We are the Giant Titles & Graphics 01:41 OFFF St. Petersburg – Skazka


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  • Duration: 88
  • By GOBELINS pro

Au cœur d'une zone industrielle à l'abandon, un phénomène étrange empoisonne l'environnement. Une petite fille se doit d'entretenir seule son père, atteint par ce mal. In an abandoned industrial area, a strange phenomena poisons the environment. A girl has to take care of her sick father suffering from his sickness. Séquence d’Effets Spéciaux réalisée dans le cadre d’un exercice de 2ème année de la formation Concepteur Réalisateur de Films d’Animation (Promotion 2019) GOBELINS, l’école de l’image Special Effects sequence directed within the exercise of the 2nd year’s Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking program (Prom 2019). GOBELINS, l’école de l’image Réalisateurs / Directors : Benjamin BERREBI, Camille GUILLOT, James MOLLE, Sarah NACIRI, Pierre ROUGEMONT, Côme ROY Année de production / Production year : 2016 Durée / Duration : 1min 27s Contact Production : GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Moïra Marguin, Contact Festival : GOBELINS, l'école de l'image : Luce Grosjean, Distribution : La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage. Contact : Retrouvez GOBELINS sur : Site internet : Facebook : Twitter :

8. The Rolling Mill

  • Published: 2017-08-10T06:51:10+00:00
  • Duration: 888
  • By Dillon Hayes
The Rolling Mill

What does it mean to be self-determining in America? And what does achieving the American Dream really feel like? Not everyone gets to answer that question for themselves, and some who do may take it for granted. In Cumberland, Maryland, disappearing industry over the last 30 years has left the city economically depressed and half-deserted. The city’s new mayor has taken it upon himself to inspire a revitalization, and his plan starts with buying up homes in The Rolling Mill, a once vibrant neighborhood stricken by the same ills as the city. With every willing seller who leaves The Rolling Mill behind, the mayor’s plan to change Cumberland’s fortunes by building a new chain restaurant progresses. But as the face of the neighborhood they love changes so drastically, a steadfast group of long-time Rolling Mill residents have refused to relent to the city. Director: Dillon M. Hayes Cinematographer: Hayden Mason Editor: Nico Bovat Additional Editing: Dillon M. Hayes Aerial Photography: Joe Bagatti Composer: Coupler as Ryan Norris Sound Mix: Matt Whitson Titles: Noah Atkinson Colorist: Carol Camp

9. The Mill Anthem Reel

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  • Duration: 207
  • By The Mill
The Mill Anthem Reel

CREDITS: MUSIC: “Wide Open” Performed by The Chemical Brothers / Courtesy of Virgin EMI / Under license from Universal Music Operations Limited 00:02 Infiniti Manifesto 00:09 Burberry Thomas Burberry 00:13 Grey Goose La Pursuit 00:20 Gillette Bond Moments 00:31 Chemical Brothers Wide Open 00:35 Hudson Yards Vessel 00:39 Chemical Brothers 00:42 Barnados Ballet 00:43 Guinness Alive Inside 00:45 Under Armour Rule Yourself 00:49 Lloyds Next Step 00:54 SSE Pier 00:57 SSE Boiler Rescue 00:59 DOTS Play Beautifully 01:03 Playstation King 01:05 Blue Moo Musician 01:07 Hexagon Classics Icons of the Road 01:09 Bates Motel Down the Drain 01:11 Cox: Speak. Find. Feel. 01:14 Product Recall Trailer 01:15 Vikings (4) Titles 01:18 Playstation King 01:20 Waitrose Coming Home 01:23 John Lewis Man On The Moon 01:26 Hennessy Piccards 01:30 Old Spice Rocket Car 01:31 Mobile Strike Arnold's Fight 01:33 Audi Duel 01:34 Rihanna: Sledgehammer 01:36 HP Rage Quit 01:38 Damien Life of the Party 01:42 ICE Titles 01:46 Thomas Cook Pool Kid 01:51 Coach Rexy 01:52 HP Brothers 01:54 Bacardi The House 01:55 Guinness John Hammond 01:56 David Bowie Life On Mars 01:59 Energizer Powersuit 02:00 Old Spice Whale 02:02 Kia Hero's Journey 02:05 Opel Racing Faces 02:07 Kia 02:08 LG World of Play 02:10 H&M Come Together 02:12 Snickers Marilyn 02:16 Lincoln Paint 02:19 Audi Pure Imagination - 02:21 Lincoln Entrance 02:23 Bacardi The House 02:25 Audi Tear Drop 02:27 Sky Q 02:31 Gatorade Don’t Go Down 02:35 Nike The Switch 02:37 Porsche Compete 02:38 Gillette 02:40 Under Armour Phelps 02:43 Nike Unlimited You 02:45 Lipton The Revolution in Tea 02:47 P&G Strong See more credits at:

10. The Mill - Sales Video

  • Published: 2013-06-14T14:44:12+00:00
  • Duration: 164
  • By Wesley Ebelhar
The Mill - Sales Video

A branding video commissioned by the Mill to present at new business meetings... CREDITS Company: The Mill Executive Producer: Adam Isadore Creative Director: Sheena Matheiken Writer: Ethan Eichrodt Art Director/Lead Animator: Wesley Ebelhar Animators: Johnny Likens & Ryan Decarlo Editors: Jonathan Rippon & Moss Levenson Producer: Orlaith Finucane

11. The Mill Motion Design Reel

  • Published: 2015-02-18T14:20:51+00:00
  • Duration: 126
  • By The Mill
The Mill Motion Design Reel

Music: 'The Arsonist' by Hatt & Mosely 00:08 YDA 2014 Titles 00:17 Cannes Projections - Ice & Snow 00:24 Guinness #MADEOFBLACK 00:25 Cadillac - Power Train 00:28 OFFF Skazka 2015 Titles 00:39 YDA 2013 Titles 00:40 AICP 2014 Titles 00:41 Nike Women's Product Video 00:45 YDA 2013 Titles 00:48 Eviivo - My Way 00:55 MTV - Rythym Jerk 00:57 BBC - God Only Knows 00:58 Marco Polo Titles 01:02 Oppo - Slim As Wings 01:04 Penny Dreadful - Just Like You 01:05 D&AD 2013 Titles 01:07 D&AD 2014 Titles 01:07 Audi Dominoes 01:12 DFT - Transparent 01:13 Wayne The Stegosaurus 01:14 Google Play 01:15 Philip Stein – Technology 01:18 Gatorade - Fierce 01:21 Prefa – Panzerstier 01:25 World Humanitarian Day – Shelter 01:28 Ad Men - The Creative Revolution 01:30 Nike - Shine Through 01:21 Adidas - Messi 01:33 Lady GaGa - Applause 01:34 We are Shining – Road 01:35 The Fableists - Epic Thread 01:37 Tine Milk - Winter Olympics 01:41 American Red Cross Blanket 01:44 We are Shining – Wheel 01:45 Lush - The Experimenter 01:47 Pepsi - Soundcheck 01:48 Playgrounds 2014 Titles 01:50 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Cinematics Follow @Millchannel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for more updates. Website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

12. OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles by The Mill

OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles by The Mill

While OFFF on Tour has been growing, this year we had our second special stop: OFFF Saint Petersburg. Not only we are proud of The Mill being part of OFFF family for many years now, but we also have the honor to present to you their golden work and this time it’s OFFF Saint Petersburg Main Titles. We warn you that you will be replaying this video for a while because every time you watch it you’ll discover something brilliant —Our eyes couldn’t get enough of the details. More info and details about the project here: Design & Animation Studio: Mill+ Director: Rama Allen Art Director: Christopher Palazzo Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral Producer: Tia Perkins Director of Photography: Adam Carboni Soundscapes: Fall On Your Sword Music: Darkness Falls Editing Company: The Mill Editor: Charlotte Carr Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral VFX Producer: Jason Bartnett Pre-Viz: Navdeep Singh Colorist: Michael Rossiter Coordinator: Georgina Castle Design: Technical Director: Andreas Berner Lead Designer: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee Particle Designer: Gabriel Pulecio Designers: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Gabriel Pulecio, Christopher Palazzo, Viraj Ajmeri Typography Design: Christopher Palazzo Animation & Compositing: Gabriel Pulecio, Viraj Ajmeri, Anthony Dodero, Lloyd Alvarez, Dave Rogers, Ashley Tyas, Justin Bakies, York Capistrano, Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Christopher Palazzo NYIT Matt Cornelius, Steve Gehrhardt, Joseph Kerkovich, Raymond Martinez Special Thanks: Heather Fullerton Boo Wong Eduard Dimasov Joseph Hodgson

13. The Mill Crowd and Stadium Toolkit

  • Published: 2016-03-09T14:44:14+00:00
  • Duration: 110
  • By The Mill
The Mill Crowd and Stadium Toolkit

The Mill has created the world’s first stadium toolkit that is a complete framework for crafting bespoke photo-real stadiums, alongside the environments around them and the supporters within them, in the most efficient way possible. Watch The Mill Crowd & Stadium Reel: MUSIC: Man of Honor by Fem14; Composer: Jermaine E. Stegall CREDITS: 00:06 BOSE - Anthem 00:09 COCA-COLA - Everything for Football 00:10 NIKE - My Time is Now 00:21 NIKE - Write the Future 00:22 GATORADE - Sweat With The Best 00:23 DIRECTV - Oliver Stone 01:12 NIKE - Write the Future 01:23 GATORADE - Made in New York Follow @Millchannel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for more updates. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

14. The Mill Animals & Creatures Reel

  • Published: 2017-10-04T13:45:06+00:00
  • Duration: 111
  • By The Mill
The Mill Animals & Creatures Reel

Editor: Theo Gibara Music: Justice ‘New Lands’ Learn More: 00:05 SSE ‘Pier’ 00:07 Off! ‘Moose’ 00:10 B&Q ‘Zebra’ 00:12 Valspar ‘Choices’ 00:13 SSE ‘Boiler Rescue’ 00:16 Waitrose ‘Coming Home’ 00:21 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’ 00:24 Honda ‘Bird’ 00:26 VW ‘Beetle’ 00:30 Opel ‘Racing Faces’ 00:32 Dr. Pepper ‘Hermit Crab’ 00:34 Waitrose ‘Coming Home’ 00:36 AMF ‘Caterpillar’ 00:38 DirecTV ‘Opulence’ 00:39 Three ‘Go Roam’ 00:42 Opel ‘Racing Faces’ 00:44 PETA ‘98% Human’ 00:50 Samsung ‘Butterflies’ 00:51 Terminix ‘Stakeout’ 00:53 McVities ‘Seal’ 00:55 Marks & Spencer ‘Mrs. Claus’ 00:56 Kohl’s ‘Holiday Magic’ 00:58 Emerson ‘Wolf’ 01:02 Kia ‘The Perfect Getaway Vehicle’ 01:03 Smithwick’s ‘Squirrel’ 01:06 O2 ‘Follow the Rabbit 01:10 Blue Cross ‘Survive 01:13 Third Wheel 01:15 Samsung ‘Whale’ 01:17 Mr. Kipling ‘Pink Elephant’ 01:20 TNT ‘Rhino’ 01:21 Kia ‘Hero’s Journey’ 01:21 Rynkeby ‘Orange Juice’ 01:24 SSE RWC Idents 01:26 Three ‘Go Binge’ 01:33 Monster ‘Opportunity Roars’ 01:37 Kia ‘Hero’s Journey’ 01:39 Dr. Pepper ‘Hermit Crab’ 01:40 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’ 01:41 Costa Rica ‘Save the Americans’ 01:43 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’

15. OFFF Porto Main Titles by Bif & The Mill

OFFF Porto Main Titles by Bif & The Mill

“The problem isn't how to make the world more technological. It's about how to make the world more humane again.” ― John Maeda No more to add, this is simply greatness brought together by Bif guys and Mill +. So put your headphones and pop up the volume! ENJOY Directed by Bif and Mill + Music by Echolab

16. MTV VMA 2013 - The Mill

  • Published: 2013-10-11T19:23:02+00:00
  • Duration: 60
  • By Goran Krstic
MTV VMA 2013 - The Mill

Role: Art Direction, Photography, Design. The Mill+ team designed, directed and executed original concept for the MTV 2013 Video Music Awards' graphics and title package, presented live from Barclays Center, Brooklyn. Led by Christopher Palazzo, Mario Stipinovich, and Bryce Wymer, the New York-based team had the unique chance to control every aspect of the show's visual identity including logo development, live action content, design, and animation. The concept was drawn off the KAWS moonman and its environmental reflections - illuminating a side of Brooklyn that's both beautiful and toxic simultaneously. Imagine if the Moonman stood up and took a stroll through Brooklyn. It would reflect a warped and stretched view of everything around it, giving us a beautiful, trippy, melted look at Brooklyn and its many unique people. Footage was captured in both a run-and-gun style to illustrate Brooklyn's people and happenings. More planned shoots were captured using a Red EPIC, including 180 degree skylines, time lapse streets and more. Those moments were paired with a clean, modern, energetic typographic system and some field-captured sound design. The result was an unexpected homage to the early, experimental days of MTV which still felt fresh; rooted in the here and now. Credits: Production Design & Animation Studio: The Mill+ Director: Christopher Palazzo Head of Content: Ian Bearce Producer: Nic Barnes, Tia Perkins Director of Photography (RED): Adam Carboni Assistant Camera (RED): Nick Wiesner Production Assistant: Tony Caamano Casting Agency: Paladino Casting Editorial Editor: Nate Buchik, Charlotte Carr Post-Production / VFX Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill VFX Producer: Lily Tilton Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich, Bryce Wymer, Chris Palazzo 3D Artists: Yong Chan Kim Design Head of Design: Danielle Amaral Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich, Bryce Wymer, Chris Palazzo Art Directors: Gera Frascaroli, Goran Krstic Animation: Gap Sangpattharamatee, Marco Giampaolo, Chris San Agustin, John Haley Sound Design: Henryboy

17. Dix - The Mill Visual Effects Studio

  • Published: 2010-09-08T07:28:22+00:00
  • Duration: 421
  • By The Mill
Dix - The Mill Visual Effects Studio

‘Dix’ is a darkly comic short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive behaviour and is a mixture of live action and CG. The film has already scooped a raft of awards, among the most recent, the Jury Award at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival in 2009, Shoot Young Directors Award and a win at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Dix was directed by The Mill’s directing collective, ‘Bif’ - who are Jules Janaud, Fabrice Le Nezet and Francois Roisin. ‘Dix’ is part of The Mill’s ongoing initiative to produce in-house short films and continuing commitment to develop talent within their growing animation team. The Mill Visual Effects Studio -

18. The Mill Chicago Map

The Mill Chicago Map

One of a handful of Instagram pieces done for The Mill Chicago to announce our move from River North to the new 1K Fulton building in West Loop.

19. Inside The Mill: Ciclope Festival 2012

  • Published: 2012-11-16T13:06:04+00:00
  • Duration: 159
  • By The Mill
Inside The Mill: Ciclope Festival 2012

A behind the scenes reveal at how The Mill created a presence at this year’s Ciclope Festival with a talk, a pop-up gallery and a closing night fiesta, all against the buzzing backdrop of Buenos Aires.

20. PS4 The King (Mill) Wips

PS4 The King (Mill) Wips Work from 2016 done at The Mill. These are fx precomps I made over Sept/Oct. All sims, materials and lighting seen here are by me. Explosions, dust wash, smoke plumes, dirt, plasma thrusters, missile trails, rigid bodies, electricity, particle debris, etc. are all simulated in Houdini, lit and rendered in mantra. Additional passes not shown include particle sims for heat distortion, general volumetric atmospheres and tons more bullet/tracer elements. No 2D elements were used in the making of these precomps, but many of these effects were ultimately layered with dust hits and smoke from libraries for the final comp. The King spot had tons of additional FX (not shown here) by Todd Akita.